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55 Solo Female Travel Safety Tips You Must Follow

Traveling safely as a solo female is very important. There are many things that can go wrong while traveling solo – from pickpockets and hold ups to physical and sexual assault. However, if you are careful while traveling and take every precaution in the book to avoid dangerous situations you can prevent these things from happening to you. Here are 50 safety tips for solo female travel that will help you stay and feel safe during your travels.

Planning and organising your travel in advance. Source: Freepik

Planning & Organising

It is very important to plan and organise your travel before your trip. This will not only save you time you can spend enjoying your travel, it will also ensure you are travelling safely.

1.Do all your research and planning before your trip

2. Check with your local government the travel status of the country you are planning to visit before you book your trip

3. When heading out, plan where you’re going ahead of time

4. Find out where the dangerous areas are and stay away from those areas

Booking Travel

5. Book with reputable travel providers

6. Check reviews before choosing your travel options, especially accommodation

7. Choose accommodation in safe areas

8. Get proper travel insurance (does not include credit card cover)

Packing your suitcase with careful consideration. Source: Freepik

What to Pack and Carry

Below are a few extra things to carry with you when you travel. However, they will keep you safe and get you out of trouble should the case arise.

9. Carry these things in an easy to reach handbag – small torch, capsicum or pepper spray, whistle or siren, retractable stick

10. Carry a travel pouch and wear it underneath your clothes. Keep your money, passport and other valuables in there

11. Carry a phone with a local sim card and phone number for your hotel/hostel so you can call your accommodation if you get into trouble

Medication and Vaccinations

It is crucial that you have your travel vaccinations up to date before you travel. You should also carry some general medication with you and a letter from your doctor for any prescribed medication.

Carrying a first aid travel kit while traveling solo.
Source: Freepik

12. Carry a first aid kit with the essentials

13. Get travel vaccinations including Hep A and B

14. Carry medication for diarrhea

15. Do not take sleeping tablets while traveling

Contacts at Home

It is crucial that your family and the government of your country know your travel whereabouts. If you are in any danger they will attempt to rescue you.

16. Register your travel details with your local government agency (Smart Traveller for Australia)

17. Leave a copy of your itinerary with family and friends back home

18. Message your family or close friends every night so they know you are safe

Keeping your valuables safe while you travel.

Keeping your valuables safe while you travel. Source: Freepik

Money and Other Valuables

After yourself, your money and other valuables are most important while traveling solo. These solo female travel safety tips will help you keep them safe while traveling alone.

19. Carry a travel pouch and wear it underneath your clothes. Keep your money, passport and other valuables in there

20. Keep expensive items like cameras, phones, etc hidden in a backpack or carry bag

21. Do not carry a lot of money on yourself

22. Instead, use a bank card that allows you to withdraw from international ATMs without charging you a transaction fee

23. Split your money and keep it in different places

24. Keep money you are going to use for the day in an easy to reach location and the rest in a safe concealed place

Clothing and Shoes

Comfort before fashion is a saying when it comes to dressing yourself. Safety before fashion is my saying when it comes to dressing yourself for travel. These solo female travel safety tips will help you stay safe.

25. Do not wear jewellery or other flashy items as this will draw unnecessary attention to yourself

26. Research the culture and traditions of the country you are visiting and respect it by dressing accordingly

27. Wear appropriate clothing and try not to show too much flesh

28. Wear comfortable running shoes so you can run away from trouble if you need to

Solo female travel safety tips for how to dress while you travel.
Wearing comfortable and conservative clothing.
Source: Freepik


Luggage can be bulky and heavy to carry around without any help. Keeping it safe while you travel is important.

29. Travel light if possible – a small suitcase or backpack and a day backpack is ideal

30. Ensure your luggage (suitcase or backpack) is locked with a lock and key while traveling

31. Do not take any packages from anyone or carry any packages for anyone

32. Leave your luggage in a locker at train stations (if you’re returning)

33. Keep a spare lock and key for use at train stations or hostels

Making friends with others while traveling.

Making friends with others while traveling. Source: Freepik

Group Travel

Traveling solo doesn’t mean you have to travel alone. There are many ways to group up with other like-minded travelers which is the best and easiest way to stay safe while traveling on your own.

34. Make friends (with other solo women) along the way and travel together if you’re going in the same direction

35. Travel with an organised tour group, especially in third world countries (Asia, Africa, South America)

36. Find online websites that allow single travelers to connect with each other based on their travel itineraries

Traveling Around

When traveling around a new place these practical tips will help you feel and stay safe.

37. Be aware of your surroundings at all times

38. Travel on public transport if possible

39. Do not go off-the-beaten path alone

40. Do not travel by public transport at night

41. Do not go out after dark

42. If you do, go out with a group of like-minded people you can trust and keep to busy areas

43. Let your hotel/hostel accommodation know you are going out and when to expect you back

44. Do not disclose any personal information about yourself or your travel plans to strangers

Solo female travel safety tips for going out at night.

Going to clubs and bars alone. Source: Freepik

Clubbing & Drinks

While it is unwise to go to clubs by yourself, if you do be extremely careful and very vigilant of your drinks.  

45. Do not go to seedy bars and nightclubs. Check reviews and visit ones with a good reputation

46. Do not accept any offers from strangers, especially drinks and food

47. Watch your drinks being made or opened in front of you

48. Buy a gadget (coasters, nail polish, straws) that you can use to detect date rape drugs in your drinks

49. Buy drink bottles that are sealed and check seals haven’t been tampered with


You can become sick from eating unhealthy food so be careful of what you eat and where you eat it at.

50. Buy food from established restaurants that are busy with locals. Check reviews if possible

51. Refrain from eating uncooked foods especially in third world countries

52. If possible stay away from eating street food. If you have to, eat from vendors who draw a crowd

Protect Yourself

There are some extra measures you can take to protect yourself. They are not critical to staying safe but they are the best way to protect yourself if you run into trouble.

Solo female travel safety tips for protecting yourself while you travel.
Practicing self-defence. Source: Freepik

53. Go to a self-defence school and do a course in self-defence

54. Watch youtube videos that show you moves you can use to protect yourself if you are attacked

55. If attacked and the assailant demands your valuables, give them what they want. Your life is more precious than any material possessions which you can claim through your travel insurance

If you can think of other solo female travel safety tips, please leave your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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