About Us

From solo travel tours and cruises to wellness retreats and nature escapes, Solo Travelist helps solo travellers discover unique experiences around the world. A place where solo travellers can choose their own holidays (tours, packages, activities or cruises) and book them at their own convenience.

Why SoloTravelist exists

“To inspire people to travel solo with confidence, enjoy unique experiences around the world and bring home memories that last a lifetime.”

We are all born travellers with the instinct to explore the world we live in. The desire for adventurous living is buried deep within us. As we grow up, we are often bitten by the travel bug.

However, life takes over, we get busy with careers and kids and the daily grind squeezes the adventurous spirit out of us. When we do get a chance to travel, we are made to believe that travel should involve stereotypical tours to touristy destinations and taking selfies in front of historic icons.

Our aim is twofold. Firstly, we want to inspire solo travellers to find their inner explorer - to explore new places and experience new adventures. Secondly, we want to showcase the diversity of travel options available - wellness escapes, local living, backroad journeys and off the beaten track adventures.

With Solo Travelist, we have created a platform to give solo travellers the tools to help them create their own journeys and choose the right holidays for themselves. If we can get people to travel solo more often, have life-enriching experiences and expand their horizons, we have achieved our goal.

SoloTravelist Co-Founders

Graham Allen

Graham loves getting outdoors, particularly cycling, trekking and scuba diving. He grew up in Hobart before moving to Melbourne when he was 10. After travelling the world with his parents and then backpacking across Asia and Europe, Graham worked as a travel agent at Flight Centre before taking on a role as sales consultant in digital media. More recently, he has run his own travel agency franchise with Travel Counsellors. His favorite travel experience was crossing the Himalayas to Tibet.

Shareen Pote

Shareen is passionate about travelling and adventure sports. She grew up in the Indian city of Kolkata before moving to Melbourne as an International student. Shareen has worked as an Investment Banker at Citigroup and Credit Suisse and more recently as a travel agent at Flight Centre. When she is not working on Solo Travelist, she is busy looking after her two boys. Her favourite travel experience was gorilla tracking on the mountain slopes of Rwanda.

Our Story

“A story of passion, frustration, perseverance and learning.”

Solo Travelist founders, Graham and Shareen have long shared a passion for travel. Having travelled since one was 9 months old, they have covered almost all areas of the world.

Shareen and Graham understood the problems faced by solo travellers worldwide, having travelled solo themselves for 10 and 15 years respectively. Shareen’s experiences from travelling as a single female highlighted the main problem faced by solo female travellers. Self-guided travel was unsafe in many countries. In addition, solo travellers had to pay extra to travel solo which was a huge deterrent for people to travel on their own.

The more they spoke to people around them, the more they kept hearing and observing the same complaints. Female travellers felt unsafe travelling on their own and solo travellers everywhere felt ripped off and had limited choices for travel options.

They were keen to address this problem in the travel industry.

So when they learned the technology was made available to offer guided tours and holiday packages online, they realised they could create an online platform for solo travel. A place where customers could find the right information and travel products so they could travel confidently on their own. Solo travel had suddenly gone from being unsafe, difficult and expensive to safe, easy and affordable.

At first, they struggled with the technology for creating a solution. However, they persevered and finally the pieces fell into place and Solo Travelist was created.

Today, they are a startup with over 4,000 tours and cruises, 11 tour partners and a fully customisable online platform for solo travel.

Their aim is to be the leading online marketplace for solo travel worldwide.

Our Partners include:
G Adventures